Daily Archive June 4, 2009

ByDaniel Gottilla

Just How Ready Are You for an IT Disaster?

You can’t predict the future. Sure, you can be pretty confident you’ll get up tomorrow, go about your daily business, and that the sun will set at the end of the day. The rest of life isn’t so predictable, though, and neither are the repercussions of not having a disaster plan ready and waiting.

No one wants to think about a disaster happening. It’s downright creepy to imagine a hacker getting into your system, or your business coming to a halt. You could lose data, resources, time, and money. But keeping your business safe isn’t just about avoiding disasters. Minimizing the risk is smart practice, but chances are that something will happen to your system eventually, and it’s best to be ready for it.

Imagine that a hacker gets in. How long does it take you to notice? How long before your IT staff responds? Every second between when the criminal has access to when you are able to stop them is another second where your business is on the line. You have locks and security systems for your home, but you also have insurance, right? A disaster recovery plan is a form of insurance — it helps you to minimize damage and get back on your feet as soon as possible.

You can sit back and rely on your security to protect your network, and hopefully it will. All the same, businesses who thought they were safe are hacked daily, and you can’t predict if it will happen to you. Take the time to build and test a disaster recovery plan. You don’t need a crystal ball to see it could save you in the end.