Daily Archive June 10, 2009


Could You Be Enabling Distributed Denial of Service Attacks?

Taking care of network security is getting more difficult, and it’s also getting more dangerous all the time. You know your system is at risk to viruses and attackers. They could find a loophole and gain access to your system and resources, taking you down. But what if they don’t stop there? Did you know they could use your computers as a jumping off point to attack other businesses?

A distributed denial of service attack is when just this sort of attack happens. Denial of service is when your network is attacked and taken out. It becomes a distributed denial of service attack when your resources are then used to attack a third party. It may be emails being sent to crash their network, or massive hits to their system to crash it with the volume of requests, but either way you’ve been compromised and this exploitation is harming others.

It’s one thing to have to secure your own network, but it’s extra important when it comes to protecting others. Not only that, but if your safety standards are found to be lacking, you could be on the hook legally for the damage done to the third party being attacked. Can you believe it? On top of recovering from your own attack you may have to take responsibility for the damage done while you tried to stop it.

Do both yourself and others a favor—make your system security a top priority in your network IT management. It could save you a lot of hassle, and help keep the law off of your case at the same time.