Daily Archive June 23, 2009


Information Security for Your Home Business

So you’re looking to run a business out of your home, but you’re worried about securing your site. If you’re selling goods online, you’ll have access to financial data, names, addresses, and other sensitive data. Thieves would love to get a hold of this information, so how do you keep it safe and your business prospering?

The simplest answer is to make sure you have an adequate firewall and anti-virus software. You may be answering emails from around the world, and if a virus gets into your computer, it could allow an attacker access to all of your data as well as your store. Anti-virus software and a firewall are a bit like having locks on your front door. They work to keep most people out, but what about thieves who won’t stop at a lock?

It’s time to think about a comprehensive security system. Just like in a home, a security system helps keep intruders out, and sounds an alarm if the perimeter is breached. If a thief gets in, protocols are in place to call for help and to minimize what can be taken. Doing the same for your home business is the least you owe your customers. The majority of small businesses that suffer a major data loss never recover—don’t let that be you!

If you’re concerned about implementing greater security features, get a little help. You can ask an IT consultant for ideas that will get your security in better shape and keep the thieves out. Your business is an extension of yourself, after all, just like your home. Doesn’t it deserve the best protection it can get?