Atlanta Expansion

Guidance Consulting, primarily a consulting firm is currently focused on a targeted expansion into the metro Atlanta area. For the most part concentrating on new markets by productively utilizing the potential growth opportunities in the area. Our organization needs are based on our focused research relating to the current economic environments.

Our Services

  • IT Service Support
  • IT Service Delivery
  • Information Security Management
  • Application Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Technology Staffing Solutions – Atlanta Metro
  • Vulnerability Management Program
  • Risk Management
  • Service Management

Technology is such a complex field that’s not possible or desirable to make a single change without studying the effects this will have on your business or business process as a whole.

Benefits of our services
We help in the wise and efficient distribution of limited institutional resources where the company operates.
We enable the development of data-based market penetration strategies, which will help sound decisions and ensure return on investment.
We apply the right brand positioning strategy to avoid mis perceptions.
We help develop the right organizational and operational model that will actualize the determined strategy.