Chemical Industry

If you are in the chemical industry, you’re probably aware of how federal regulations have tightened up over the past few years. While protecting certain chemicals and substances from theft and misuse has always been important, it has become extra important to keep detailed records about certain chemicals and to ensure that they are under lock and key in the wake of the World Trade Center disaster of 2001.

The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, or CFATS, defines what a high-risk facilities are. A high-risk facility is subject to more stringent security standards regarding the physical safety of the substances it holds and creates. It is also required to implement rigorous security measures to protect against cyberattacks that could compromise security at the site. This is where Guidance Consulting can help you – we have the experience and training to implement comprehensive security solutions for your high-risk facility.

We can help you to:

Create the network security portion of your site security plan Review your current cybersecurity for compliance Implement stringent IT security measures Ensure that access to records is granted to the correct personnel Build databases to track creation and use of high risk chemicals Develop a plan of action in the event of a network security breach Create secure shared databases

At Guidance Consulting, we know that keeping your chemical facilities secure and efficient is your highest priority. While federal regulations have tightened in the past decade, we can help you to implement innovative, creative solutions to meet or exceed federal compliance and to keep your site safe. Comprehensive, innovative technologies can make security and reporting easier, so let us put out experience to work for you to make it happen.