Federal Government

If your business comes into contact with any sensitive consumer information, chances are there are federal regulations that apply to the safety and security of this data. Maintaining the privacy of clients, customers, and patients isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s often regulated by federal law or overseen by the government-based component of the business you’re in.

Determining how to stay compliant with these regulations can be daunting, but at Guidance Consulting we have the skill and the experience to work with you to strengthen your IT security and procedures and to get you into compliance.

By implementing the highest level of security, we will work with you to:

Securely compile and store your sensitive data Ensure that access to this data is protected Protect your network and systems from attackers hunting for your data Notify your patients and customers in accordance with federal regulations Streamline the compilation and reporting of regulated data Build a plan of action in the event of a breach in security Plan for mitigating the damage on the IT end to a data theft Secure your system for safe consumer access Build security systems to minimize the risk of identity theft Automate your compliance needs

As you can see, Guidance Consulting can help you with any type of federal regulatory compliance under the scope of IT. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong systems while developing innovative solutions for all of your technological needs.