Dangers of network security breaches

ByDaniel Gottilla

Dangers of network security breaches

During the process of disaster recovery planning every company comes to a point when it has to deal with the so-called intentional acts. There exists a belief that a disaster recovery should be treated literally. According to it, the plan should state what recovery tools must be used to ensure that the companies ok after a natural disaster. This false belief leads to enormous financial losses due to network security breach.

When it comes to the importance of securing all your data security specialists agree that network safety devices are your company’s first line of defense. What is the use of even the best recovery tools, if the problem lays in leaking out critical financial information? And that is the smallest problem that may occur due to a network security breach. One of the most dangerous things that may happen is theft of your intellectual property. And it matters not if you still have a copy on your hard drive, or whether you can use recovery tools or not; the damage will happen anyway. Of course, a security breach doesn’t have to be so serious. However, even by changing contents on yours company website hackers will make creditability of your company questionable. Of course, you will use recovery tools to bring your original website back online. This is however, only a reaction to a security breach, not a prevention method. To ensure your data security you cannot rely on your backup methods, even with the best recovery tools.

There are two main approaches to company security and both of them should be used together. First method is about the software and hardware security of your company’s data. Firewalls, secure connections, verification servers all of those and even more to keep an unauthorized person outside your company network. And even when they will somehow gain access there are many sophisticated programs (recovery tools included) that are constantly monitoring all network traffic. Second method is even more important then the first. It is the so called human factor. Even the best security system will be useless without some trained personnel.

And training personnel in using equipment and software won’t do much good without more complex security course. What good is an employee who knows how to use your recovery tools if he cannot see any danger in using default passwords?

Information as well as time are the most precious resources every company has. Without proper security equipment and trained personnel, the probability of loosing those resources is almost certain.

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