Data Recovery – Finding a right data backup method

ByDaniel Gottilla

Data Recovery – Finding a right data backup method

One of most important matters during disaster recovery planning is finding the right backup method. This may vary from using data recovery freeware software making copies of single files to very complex, real-time machines that offer continuous data protection.

There are four major parts of disaster recovery planning learning about company requirements, finding means to meet them, developing processes that make those means work, and, finally, assessing the budget.

As it was said before, there are many different backup methods. We can, however, find three main categories of data backup solutions. That will be pure software (starting with data recovery freeware), integrated hardware and stand-alone solutions.

Software methods are the simplest and cheapest. You may find a lot of different data recovery freeware programs; some of them are even integrated with operating systems. However, this method has one major flaw it depends solemnly on the existing operating system and existing machine. If the hard drive is physically damaged, probability of losing all data will be very high no software solution can help for broken HDD seals.

Another method is using integrated hardware devices. They might come in form of a simple compact disc recorder, a zip drive, or more complicated tape drives. That method is more complicated and a bit more expensive. However, it allows the storing of backup information on new machines, in a place that is a hundred miles from previous company building. Of course, it is also a bit risky an error in labeling a single tape might be disastrous, and there is also a noticeable risk of thievery. Also, in case of fire, or other disaster that could destroy the whole computer units this backup method simply won’t work.

The main feature of stand-alone solutions is their independence; the target machine with information that needs to be backed-up is usually linked to a backup station via Internet or local network. Mass storage hard drives that run on backup computers are able to offer continuous data protection. Because there is almost no limit in distance, company information is safe from even the most disastrous events. The cost of that solution is very high, however, even if we limit the expenses by using data recovery freeware; the only cost we pay is a cost of a storage place, but it is usually the biggest part of the budget.

Different companies need different backup solution that much is clear. Some may rely only on data recovery freeware, but most others should use either integrated hardware devices or stand-alone solutions depending on their exact needs and budget.

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