Finding the right candidates for your environment by using a Staffing Agency

ByAnaya Norton

Finding the right candidates for your environment by using a Staffing Agency

If your business is looking for new employees, there are many ways of finding them. You have to remember, that even in the most technical industries – your company is still only as good as the people who work there. Technical staffing demands are increasingly challenging and time consuming. You can of course recruit them directly by a representative of your company, but you can also rely on a staffing agency to find you the right candidates. This is a more effective way to find the right person. Staffing agencies specialized professional business line is finding people for all kinds of jobs.

That’s why more and more companies are relying completely on staffing agencies services. They usually have recruitment professionals who locate, select, screen and mobilize the talents you need – wherever and whenever you need it. A staffing agency can work on their own acting as an independent contact between their client companies and the candidates they recruit for a position. They can specialize in client relationships only (sales or business development), in finding candidates (recruiting or sourcing), or in both areas. Most staffing agencies tend to specialize according to jobs their offer.

Another specialization is temporary agency. It is usually distinct from a standard staffing agency, which usually seeks to place full-time employees. There is often a large overlap: temporary workers may go on to become full-time employees; or workers a company intends to hire as a full-time employee may start out as trial temporary worker.

Sometimes however, things are a little different. Sometimes you don’t only need a right candidate, sometimes even this specific one and only person. That is when a completely different staffing agency comes handy. Such an agency usually doesn’t have a personnel database, but rely solemnly on its recruiting agents: so-called headhunters. Typically a headhunter is associated with a higher degree of industry knowledge and a more specialized, less blanket approach than his colleagues. Whereas a recruiter may place an advert or place calls with no prior knowledge of the individual they are contacting, a headhunter will attempt to learn about the subject’s previous employment history, education, financial situation. He will make contact on the premise that on paper the candidate is suitable for the role, whatever their current employment situation. Poaching employees away from their current employment in this manner gives headhunters their name. Headhunting staffing agencies operates on a verge of being accused of industrial espionage, but they prove to be very effective.

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