Finding the right IT Recruiter for your business – IT Jobs

ByDaniel Gottilla

Finding the right IT Recruiter for your business – IT Jobs

There are moments when every IT company starts looking for new employees. In the IT industry you march or die and if you want your company to grow, you need new employees – fast. And then you are facing a very serious problem you need people for several IT jobs, but you don’t know where to look for them.

The answer to your problems might be using the help of an IT recruiting company. Without any big effort you can get a complete list of currently available recruits for different IT jobs. All you have to do is contact a staffing agency, tell them about your needs and wait for an e-mail (or fax) with their propositions. The problem is, that there are too many IT recruiting companies on the market nowadays. They all claim to have the biggest available database of IT jobs orientated candidates. They also claim that their candidates are the best on the market. How can you know if they’re telling you the truth?

There are two main categories of outside staffing companies. The first collects data from future employees that are currently looking for job their financial needs, employment history, education level etc. The second category comes to the problem from another angle. You send them information about IT jobs that are currently vacant in your company, salary propositions for candidates, and they provides you with candidates that have already passed all necessary tests and are known to be able to handle the job.

Those two categories of agencies use two different methods of gathering data. The first one is general in this case personnel is judged by their skills and employment history in short, through their CV and portfolio. The second method is more specific. Every year, educated personnel leave colleges. They usually look for the first job in their life their salary needs are lower, they do not have any bad habits and they are full of enthusiasm. There are many recruiting companies that offer their services exclusively for graduate and final year students.

However, both types of agencies are generally meant to provide you reasonably good employers. And in the IT industry reasonably good is often not enough, especially when you have to fill the key posts. That’s why there is also another way of looking for right candidates for the IT jobs. It is the staffing agencies that are also called headhunting companies.

While a typical recruiter looks for personnel among people that are currently unemployed, headhunters take under consideration people with right skills; their employment state being of no interest. When your company is looking for a specific specialist, headhunters can go as far as making an offer to the employee currently working for the rival company; if (and usually it is so) your offer outbids your competitor then, you usually gain a new, highly trained top-class employee.

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