Have You Looked Into the National Vulnerability Database?

ByDaniel Gottilla

Have You Looked Into the National Vulnerability Database?

You have programs in place that are tracking your vulnerabilities. You’re reviewing the data, implementing it, and feeling pretty secure. But what if you had more information at your disposal? If there were a national database of known weaknesses in applications and infrastructure that you could access, wouldn’t you look into it?

Lucky for you, this database exists. The National Vulnerability Database is a government operation that records vulnerability data from systems across the nation. By compiling data, they can help you find the vulnerabilities in your own system that are the most likely to be exploited. Think of your security like a class final. You can study your notes alone, or you can study with a group of overachievers who are all interested in earning the A. Which scenario is the most likely to help you pass?

You can also contribute to the National Vulnerability Database to help others. Your scans and vulnerability tracking data can be added to the database. You get the good feeling of helping others while not having to worry about compromising any proprietary data. It’s a win-win situation when you use the database and share what you find on your own end.

So how about it? Is it time to take your vulnerability tracking to the next level? With viruses and attackers looking for ways to get inside, you need every advantage you can get. The National Vulnerability Database could be a tremendous asset to your company, and every step you take to protect your data protects your business.

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