Health IT – technology staffing for the healthcare industry

ByDaniel Gottilla

Health IT – technology staffing for the healthcare industry

Health IT is changing the way our health-care system works. With the right information technology, most health-care facilities are looking to one day eliminate long waits for lab results, forms, and test results. The information can be relayed electronically, saving time and money – and possibly saving lives.

However, in order to make this new system work, most facilities recognize that health IT staffing procedures need to be followed. And, of course, it will be increasingly more important to have the right professionals for the job.

Steps in the IT Hiring Process
The first step in hiring good IT health staff is to decide which IT staffing solution to use. You can try finding the right person on your own – by sending out notices and putting up ads – but this can be time intensive, requiring background checks to be performed, as well as speaking with the previous employers of each potential candidate. Additionally, many hospitals have online databases and job search functions, but like other traditional methods, the reach only extends so far – typically attracting a pool of IT professionals that may not be of the highest caliber for hospital staffing.

On the other hand, the use of a staffing agency or an IT recruiting consultant is an option in finding and helping IT professionals apply for these positions. An agency or recruiting consultant can save time by doing the checks and hand-selecting candidates for you. The consultant can also become your headhunter, which will go and find the appropriate person, as needed. It remains one of the best ways to find the best of the best in the IT field.

Once the method of finding an IT professional has been established, it’s important to decide just what is needed for the position. For example, will the IT professional be required to contact customers or set up networks? Make sure the agency or consultant understands what the job entails so they can recommend the best person for the job. An agency’s job is to look for someone who fits the requirements, and all you need to do is wait.

IT Interviewing Tips
Regardless of the chosen recruiting method, the next step is interviewing potential candidates. In the case of supplying your own applicants, you will also need to do background and reference checks on candidates that interest you the most. There are several things to keep in mind when looking to hire an IT professional to work in the health industry.

– Do they have any experience, in health care or another IT industry?

– Are they pleasant to speak with and appear to be easy going?

– Do they have people skills?

– Are they certified in any specific areas of IT?

These questions will help you decide whether or not the person you are interviewing is a good match for your company. Of course, knowing what you need in an IT professional ahead of time will make the entire process much easier.

Thoroughness is the best way to go with health IT. Staffing can be done in several different ways, but the best results will always come from being mindful and checking each possible applicant carefully.

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