How to Reduce the Threat of Computer Viruses


How to Reduce the Threat of Computer Viruses

Almost all personal computers and business hardware has anti-virus software as a way to keep viruses and other malware sources at bay. The reason is simple: it’s easy to install, easy to update, and easy to use.

However, in the business world, just installing the anti-virus software isn’t enough. In order to keep your data secure and your client information confidential, you must follow up to ensure that the software is being used to its maximum potential.

  • Regularly update all of your software – even ones that aren’t related to information security in any way. Viruses are usually developed to get into operating systems and programs that are outdated or otherwise weak. When a software update is offered, it’s usually because the programmers have found a way to make it more secure (and usually easier to run, too).
  • Keep an eye on your employees. Although it isn’t always deliberate, the number one cause of viruses on work computers is employees who accessed unsafe sites or opened an email they shouldn’t have. Whether you need to restrict Internet access, train employees on Internet safety, or instill a new policy into your company manual regarding computer use and viruses, you should always make sure your staff knows the rules regarding viruses and information security.
  • Put up protection behind the protection. No matter what business you’re in, anti-virus software simply isn’t enough. Your company’s reputation and your customers’ safety is dependent on your network being a safe, secure place that keeps viruses and other sources away from sensitive information. Sometimes, this means hiring an IT vulnerability manager to help you overhaul your entire network, and other times it means taking steps to improve policy management.

When it comes to viruses and other types of malware, IT solutions don’t always have to be complicated. Sometimes, it’s the small steps (anti-virus software, employee training, limited Internet use) that can have the biggest impact on your information safety measures.

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Octavia OrebaughPosted on7:50 pm - Jan 12, 2010

Hello, first I want to say great blog. I don’t always agree with your opinions but it’s always a nice read.
Keep up the good work.

Network Management ServicePosted on9:47 pm - Nov 27, 2012

Security of data is very necessary as computers contain many viruses. The threat of viruses can be reduced by installing anti-virus, regularly updating the softwares and denying employees to access unsafe sites.

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