Managing your Information Security Team

ByDaniel Gottilla

Managing your Information Security Team

Properly managing your information security team is a crucial step in maintaining the integrity and security of your network and applications. By definition, this team is highly specialized and has tremendous access to your data and resources. All the same, they should not be an autonomous unit. By utilizing some basic management techniques, you can respect their knowledge and skills and still ensure that they are properly handling the security of your system.

Information Security Team Tips

  • When you hired your employees, they were on the cutting edge of IT knowledge. Part of managing your information security team is making sure they stay that way. It takes a relatively small amount of time and money to make sure your professionals are getting advanced training and maintaining their certifications. Not only will continued education keep your team happy, but your business will also reap the benefits of updated ideas and practices that increase the security of your system.
  • Another important thing to remember is that IT professionals have skills that not many people in the workforce have. Part of managing your information security team is allowing them to work independently while still maintaining oversight of their operations. The problem with having such a specialized set of skills, however, is that individuals on the team may become overconfident in their abilities, putting your network at risk. While you may only have broad input at meetings if you are not security savvy yourself, you should still make sure that you meet regularly with your team. You can stay informed on their plans and practices, and make sure they, too, are meeting to discuss ideas and options about how to maintain and increase network security.
  • Even if your team is operating beautifully, don’t be afraid to get outside IT consultation from time to time. No matter how well-educated and trained your team is, consulting with an outside expert can provide them with new perspectives and ideas. A consultant gains continual experience with a variety of businesses and systems, and by having your team work with an outside party, your entire business can reap the benefits.

Managing your information security team doesn’t have to be daunting. They provide your company with an invaluable service and need the space to creatively address your needs. All the same, they need training and oversight to properly do this, and by utilizing the ideas above you can help them stay productive while you help keep your business secure.

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