Outsourcing Disaster recovery planning

ByDaniel Gottilla

Outsourcing Disaster recovery planning

Disaster recovery plan is a very important thing for every company. Insurance problems, data backup, personnel training all of those and even more things are covered in a good disaster recovery plan. However, there is one problem human resources. In order to follow the plan, a company needs both people and their time. Unsurprisingly, the moment you start assigning duties, everyone seems to have a lot of work on his or her hands. What is even worse, many of them are really too busy and any change in their work timetable might be disastrous to company projects.

That’s why it is usually better to outsource the whole process of disaster recovery planning, using some staff finders to seek for right candidates. There already exist a number of companies specialized in finding staff capable of preparing and properly employing a disaster recovery plan.

Of course, outsourcing disaster recovery through staff finders is a completely different than finding new employees. First of all, you don’t look for an individual; you are interested in hiring a group of people who have already worked together in the past, or rather for a company that specializes in disaster recovery or business risk accounting. After you inform staff finders agencies about your requirements, all you need is to sit back and wait. People from such agencies start looking through their data bases searching for candidates that would be as close to your requirements as possible.

Usually after a few days you will be contacted by a staff finder company representative. He will show you the results of their searching with a bill for their services. According to their report you will now have to choose to whom entrusts planning of your company security. Of course, the report alone may not be enough. You might need to look for additional, more detailed information than you receive in the staff finders report. That’s why it is sometimes a good idea to contact more than one such agency. After you obtain reports from different staff finders, you are able to compare the information they have provided. That may give you and your company a better choice.

There are many arguments in favor of outsourcing disaster recovery planning. First of all, it allows normal work for your company, and second, people that you have found through staff finders are specialists; this is not their first time they will plan disaster recovery faster and more efficiently then any of your employees.

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