Press Releases

Press Release 10/01/12: Guidance Consulting Puts the Spotlight on Health Care Information Security Availability Consulting
Press Release 06/16/11: Technology Firm Guidance Consulting Places New Focus on Money Saving IT Innovation Strategies
Press Release 08/10/10: Guidance Consulting Releases New Disaster Recovery Planning Package Targeting Green Initiatives
Press Release 08/09/10: A Shift to “Greener” Online Practices Requires Increased System Monitoring, Warns Guidance Consulting
Press Release 05/13/10: IT Technology Firm Guidance Consulting to Partner with Sygma Technology Solutions to Provide “Green” Infrastructure Solutions
Press Release 05/11/10: Guidance Consulting Partners with Servnation to Offer “Green” IT Virtualization and Management Services
Press Release 04/29/10: IT Firm Guidance Consulting Offers a New Vulnerability Management Program
Press Release 04/22/10: Guidance Consulting Offers more Effective Vulnerability Analysis
Press Release 04/13/10: Guidance Consulting to Offer Insight on Managing an Information Security Team
Press Release 03/29/10: IT Company Guidance Consulting Addresses Disaster Recovery Best Practices
Press Release 03/25/10: Guidance Consulting to Offer More Comprehensive Risk Assessment
Press Release 03/01/10: Ethical Hacking” Part of Increased Vulnerability Protection Services Offered by Guidance Consulting
Press Release 02/24/10: Guidance Consulting to Focus on Comprehensive Business Planning
Press Release 02/23/10: Guidance Consulting Releases Annual Risk Assessment Recommendations
Press Release 01/20/10: Guidance Consulting Increases IT Staffing Options
Press Release 01/14/10: Guidance Consulting to Use Vulnerability Tracking to Offer Concrete Solutions
Press Release 01/14/10: Georgia-Based Technology Firm Guidance Consulting Ties Business and Technology
Press Release 01/07/10: Guidance Consulting to Offer “a la carte” IT Services
Press Release 01/05/10: Guidance Consulting to Offer New IT Advice and Consulting Packages
Press Release 12/29/09: Guidance Consulting Places Focus on Early Disaster Recovery Planning
Press Release 12/22/09: Guidance Consulting Reports that Disaster Recovery Planning Includes More than Networks and Software
Press Release 12/17/09: Georgia IT Firm Guidance Consulting Celebrates Continued Growth
Press Release 12/15/09: Virtual Conferencing Platforms are for Companies of All Sizes, Says IT Support Firm Guidance Consulting
Press Release 12/11/09: Guidance Consulting Promotes Three-Pronged Approach to Vulnerability Planning with New Vulnerability Management Program
Press Release 12/09/09: IT Support Firm Guidance Consulting Finds that Bigger is Not Always Better
Press Release 10/01/09: Guidance Consulting Suggests IT Consulting is for more than the IT Field
Press Release 9/29/09: Guidance Consulting Introduces IT Staffing Solutions for Global-Minded Enterprises
Press Release 9/17/09: Guidance Consulting Addresses the Hidden Costs of Denial of Service Attacks
Press Release 8/13/09: Guidance Consulting Expands IT Consulting Services
Press Release 8/10/09: Guidance Consulting to Streamline the Vulnerability Remediation Process
Press Release 8/04/09: Guidance Consulting to Offer Social Engineering Prevention for Large Businesses
Press Release 8/01/09: Guidance Consulting Offers Vulnerability Protection for Small Businesses
Press Release 7/31/09: Guidance Consulting Increases IT Staffing Options to Fill Layoff Gaps
Press Release 7/30/09: Guidance Consulting Expands Services to Address New Vulnerability Threat Concerns
Press Release 7/29/09: Guidance Consulting Looks to the Future of IT Vulnerability Attacks with a New Vulnerability Management Program
Press Release 7/28/09: Guidance Consulting to Offer Effective Vulnerability Remediation Strategies
Press Release 7/21/09: Guidance Consulting Spotlights Ties Between Economy and Increased IT Vulnerability Attacks