Recovery Software – Online server protection

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Recovery Software – Online server protection

Recovery SoftwareA very important part of company security is the protection of their servers. From web servers to internal data bases, all those machines must somehow be protected starting with a good quality recovery software tool and solid internet security measures. Nowadays there are more and more online protection solutions that are discovered and put to use. Recovery software was a main method to secure data before introducing multitasking systems. After that, data recovery is a last process in server protection methodology, and online security measures became the first and main method of server protection. As there are many dangers, there are also many different means of server protection.

The first method is online backup. It is essential to routinely make copies of your data because nowadays you never know when you will need to activate your recovery software. Automatic online backup systems ensure that recovered information will be the most recent and complete.

Another very important thing is virus protection. Malware, spyware, trojan horses all those malicious programs can only be stopped by some online security scanner. Even the best recovery software won’t do much when even your backup data is corrupted by a virus.

Another danger is a possibility of a hacker attack. Many above mentioned programs that can be disabled by virus/spyware protection software have another target than simply corruption of your data. Sometimes they are used to gain control over the target machine, in order to gain access to a company’s network. Hacker attacks are one of the biggest threats to company security. The main target for the attacks is usually the confidential data of your employees or clients such as their credit card numbers, logins or passwords. However, sometimes the chosen target is also essential to your company financial and market well-being for example, hackers may try to steal or destroy confidential data about new contracts. They can even use your own recovery software to help them in thievery of your intellectual property.

Luckily for us, there exist many different means of online Internet security. There are many different information security solutions, from simple, software-based ones to more complicated hardware-based systems whose sole purpose is to block all unidentified connections to your servers. They also notice all movement in and out, creating security logs. Even if someone manages to gain access to your servers, his presence will be identified, and you will be able to respond to a possible threat.

Online protection systems can get unbelievably complex. The most important thing about it is that all of its parts are important. Without a solid recovery software tool even the best firewall won’t ensure safety of your company data and without data backup systems no anti-virus software can help you recover data lost during an HDD breakdown.

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