Application Management

The quality of your IT system is only as good as the quality of the software assets you have to control and monitor it. Unfortunately, all software comes with a limited shelf life, so the products you purchased and implemented a year ago might actually be inhibiting the way you do business today. Whether it’s weaknesses that others have discovered and exploited or the limited scope of the software itself, there are a number of different factors that can impact the way you do business and the speed with which it can be done.



This is where Guidance Consulting comes in. Based on your business and your plans for operations both today and in the future, we can:

  • Determine your software application needs
  • Customize and integrate the software for your unique business
  • Manage daily functions related to software use and cross-systems management
  • Patch, fix, and update software as needed
  • Quantify the value of existing software to determine when an upgrade will reflect positively on your bottom line

As new technologies develop, the life-cycle of system software tends to get shorter and shorter, which can put a strain on maintaining your own business objectives. By taking a proactive step today and implementing an Application Management plan, you can leave the safety and functionality of your system to us and focus on your business’s growth and development.