Information Security Management

Information Security Management is just like hiring a full-time security task force solely for the information your business sends and receives every day. Increased concerns related to customer confidentiality require that all businesses, from government organizations to nonprofits, keep their IT infrastructure up-to-date regarding protection against viruses, malware, information or identity theft, company accountability, and long-term storage. After all, if your customers aren’t protected every time they give you information, you are not only at risk of losing customer trust, but you may be held financially responsible for the consequences.

Because there is such a large scope to Information Security Management, and because new threats arise on an almost daily basis, this is a task that many companies choose to outsource. That’s because not only can Guidance Consulting design and install an information security program, but we can monitor and upgrade it, as well.

Service Level Agreement

Most major corporations are required to meet service level agreement standards in information security. Whether these standards come from contracts with clients, required legislation, or company policies, it is vital to reach a minimum level of security in order to even operate on a daily basis.

Businesses not held in check by internal or external service agreements must still meet a general level of security, if only to ensure that the IT system continues to function without errors, delays, or a complete crash. In this way, Guidance Consulting can help you devise your own service level agreement and the company-wide policies to keep it in place.

Within the umbrella of service level agreement, we can provide:
• Information security and control
• Policy implementation
• Security organization setup
• SLA compliance
• Operational level agreements
• Installing and managing IT applications
• Training and/or hiring personnel security
• Security access designations
• Internal/external audits
• Systems evaluation
• Regular security maintenance

Information security is not only an essential part of running a business—for many types of companies, including government and financial institutions, the law requires that businesses maintain a certain threshold for protecting customer data. Guidance Consulting can get you on track to compliance in a way that will make your company safe and secure even in the face of changing technologies.