Planning to Implement Service Management

Everything we provide here at Guidance Consulting carries a business from the planning to implementation stage. Information Technology is such a complex field that’s not possible or desirable to make a single change without studying the effects this will have on your business or business process as a whole. The Planning to Implement Service Management program captures our belief that incorporating lasting and successful changes to your IT environment includes seeing our projects through from beginning to end.

We also know that no two companies are exactly alike, and it’s not possible to create a one-size-fits-all IT solution—especially if the end goal is to align unique business needs with IT provision requirements and the future goals of your company. That’s why we always begin with an overarching plan that helps us to realize every facet of your goals.  The Planning to Implement Service Management program includes:

  • Creating a vision of where you want your business and IT environment to be
  • Analyzing the current organization as well as legislative requirements for your industry
  • Setting goals and benchmarks that can be quantified both financially and from a time-investment standpoint
  • Implementing the IT Service Management program, including everything from IT upgrades to enforcing organizational change

It’s this last step that really impacts the long-term effects of the Planning to Implement Service Management program. Oftentimes, companies create new IT environments with completely streamlined technology only to find that resistance at the employee level makes it impossible to move forward. By making changes at the organizational level and including a staff training component, we can ensure that both the system and the people using it can move forward in a harmonious relationship.

When it comes to IT support, Guidance Consulting believes that a strong combination of specialized and generalized services are best. Specialized work that is rooted in a strong technological basis is necessary to get the right results for the modern business environment. Yet, at the same time, the general skills needed to successfully manage a program and its people is the best safeguard against failure.