Tapping into Predictive Capacity Planning

ByDaniel Gottilla

Tapping into Predictive Capacity Planning

If your business is growing and you’re seeing an increasing demand on network resources, it may be time to tap into predictive capacity planning. Ensuring that your system is running quickly, that your data is easy to manage, and that your clients and customers can shop and access their data is important for the growth of your company. By taking some steps to plan appropriately, you can make sure that your system runs as smoothly in the future as it does now.

What is Capacity Planning?

Capacity planning is the art and science of determining how your system needs will change over time. You need to make sure that you have the resources to handle spikes in email, network requests, data access, and other system requirements. The goal is to have the space to handle an increase in requests without having so much infrastructure that you’re overspending and wasting resources. The critical idea is to find the balance between having enough and having far too much. Predictive capacity planning takes this one step further by forecasting what increases or decreases in resources you will need for the future.

The primary goal of predictive capacity planning is to assess needs before they become critical. All too often, IT planning is put aside until there is a crisis. When the network is running slow, customers are crashing the site, and emails are jammed, you have a huge problem. Now is the time to decide how to manage your future, and by tapping into predictive capacity planning, this scenario doesn’t have to play out. Solutions can be found before they are needed, and your system will keep running smoothly.
Future Capacity Needs

Assessing your capacity needs is a complicated issue. After all, you want to have the resources to handle spikes in network usage and plan for growth, but if you overplan, you may end up with bandwidth you’re not using and idle servers that are growing increasingly obsolete. Predictive capacity planning is about maximizing resources and weighing your needs. One great solution is to contact an experienced IT consultant. These professionals have the experience and training to develop a plan to fit your individual needs. Every business is different, even those in the same industry, and you deserve a plan tailored to your company.

Tapping into predictive capacity planning isn’t just something to consider, it’s a smart business move. Not only can you avoid slow networks and downtimes, but you can maximize your growth potential and rest assured your systems will continue to run smoothly. With the experience of an IT consultant, you can develop a plan and implement it with a minimum of hassle. Maximizing your growth potential without overspending is smart business, and predictive capacity planning can make it happen.

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