Top Five Mistakes Made when Hiring IT Consultants

ByDaniel Gottilla

Top Five Mistakes Made when Hiring IT Consultants

Hiring outside experts can be a smart business move, but you should be aware of the top five mistakes made when hiring IT consultants. No matter what services these professionals can offer you, you can maximize the consultant’s benefit to your company by taking the time to protect your needs and make a smooth transition. After all, the IT consultant’s job is to help you, and getting off on the right foot can make this happen.

  1. The top mistake made when hiring IT consultants is not checking the industry standards for compensation. If you offer too little, you are at risk of hiring a substandard contractor. As the same time, if you don’t know the going rate, you may pay too much for the service, which isn’t good for your bottom line. By familiarizing yourself with compensation rates for your area, you can make sure you are hiring an ethical, experienced specialist.
  2. Even though the consultant is not on staff, you need to conduct a formal interview. It’s important to verify the consultant’s expertise, as well as to experience his or her people skills first hand. This professional will be working closely with your staff, and it’s important that he or she not only has IT skills, but the ability to work with others, as well.
  3. Failing to have the professional sign a letter of confidentiality is another top mistake made when hiring an IT consultant. Even though a reputable consultant would never share your data, it’s always better to protect yourself. After all, this person could be working for your competition next, and confidentiality agreements are a standard of good business practices. No consultant worth hiring will balk at this request.
  4. Be sure to check the consultant’s availability. Whether you need the consultant immediately or not for three weeks, you need to make sure that he or she has the days open to work with you. Remember, consultants work with a variety of companies, and they need to schedule their time. If you plan ahead, you can ensure that they are available when you need them.
  5. The final top mistake made when hiring IT consultants is not introducing them to your staff. It seems so simple, and not even that important, but working together is critical. By making introductions, you foster good will, understanding, and comfort levels. When people understand the dynamic, they work better and are able to collaborate more effectively.

While these are the top five mistakes you can make when hiring IT consultants, you should know that there are consulting firms who strive to serve and educate you, as well as to seek fair contract terms. By using a reliable firm, you can be sure that your data and needs will be of the utmost priority. All the same, by understanding the top five mistakes made when hiring IT consultants, you can avoid many hassles. The consultant is there to help you, so help him or her to do it by following these tips.

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