Vulnerability Protection and Mac Systems

ByDaniel Gottilla

Vulnerability Protection and Mac Systems

While highly touted as being less susceptible to attacks, Mac systems and their users still need to consider vulnerability protection needs. There are viruses and attackers that can get into your system, and the damage they cause can be severe. Knowing the vulnerabilities, accounting for them, and reassessing them regularly are key steps to keeping your network safe. You may be safer with a Mac, but you are still not immune to attack.

The Truth about Macs and Safety

While it is true that Windows systems suffer more viral attacks and may not be as secure as Macs, it’s important to understand that this is because Windows is used more widely, not because Macs are actually built to be safer. Most viruses and attackers specifically seek out Windows weaknesses to exploit, so it is the sheer number of viruses targeting Windows instead of Macs that offers the protection, not the system itself. As Macs become more and more popular, vulnerability for Mac systems will become critical, as the weaknesses in these systems will be increasingly exploited.

Vulnerability Protection for Macs

Installing an anti-virus program for your Mac system is a good start. There are less than 200 known viruses that target Macs, but these programs are a minimal investment and are easy to install. The chance of a viral attack may be small, but if you’re a target, it’s worth the time. Installing and updating an anti-virus program on your network can significantly increase vulnerability protection on your Mac system. Using the program to scan incoming email and attachments is always a smart move.

Another important vulnerability protection for Mac systems is avoiding websites that aren’t appropriate for work. While there are few viruses that can infect a Mac, many of them exist on these sites, waiting to infect your machine. Educating your employees about what sites are appropriate is critical. Viruses can lurk anywhere, but visiting sites that aren’t necessary for business increases your risk of coming across spyware or viruses that may infect your machines.

Although you may have a Mac system, it is still possible to be running Intel-based Windows on it. Windows is Windows, no matter what computer you are running it on, and it is susceptible to Windows-specific viruses and attacks. You can’t let your guard down on vulnerability protection just because you have a Mac system. If you are running Windows on your Mac, be sure to investigate anti-virus programs and security protocols that work on both systems. If you need a little assistance choosing your best defense, consider working with an IT consultant. They know the market and the products available and can secure your system in no time.

Even though vulnerability protection for Mac systems is less extensive than it would be for Windows, you still need to protect your business or personal information. The risks may be low, but they still exist, and you can’t take chances with your customers and data. By installing comprehensive anti-virus programs and using safe computing skills, you can keep your system clean and your business running smoothly.

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